Lee Hon Bong

Lee is a Portrait and Life photographer looking to reveal the spirit of his subjects and explore humans, humanity and the context of our environment.  His photographs are typically rich in tone and colour, as he believes that life is rich in character and emotion.  

He was born in Hong Kong and raised in Toronto, where he currently resides with his beautiful wife. Lee will gladly photograph anywhere in the world.  Having found a love for Peru, you will find him often traveling to and immersing himself in its culture and, quite frankly, a lot of food.  (Ask him about a delectable piece of Peruvian heaven called Picarones)

Armed with a genuine smile, and a witty personality, he truly enjoys the interactions and relationships he builds with everyone he meets. 

He is also a lifelong fan of baseball, which taught him about camaraderie and teamwork.  In fact, he has lived his life according to many baseball metaphors. 

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