Names and Places Vol. 3

April 20th-30th

The third instalment of Names and Places explores the unique relationship between graffiti and urban delivery trucks. From box trucks to cargo vans, these moving canvases present a wide range of opportunities for graffiti writers and photographers alike.

Names and Places Volume 3 features over 30 photographs of truck graffiti from Sean Bledsoe, Dom Butler, Will Gaydos, and Jordan McKie.

The accompanying art exhibition showcases paintings, photographs, and scultpure-based work inspired by trucks from artists accross a wide range of disciplines.

Participating Artists: 

Chris Austin
Heidi Berton
Rich E.
William Emerson Gaydos
Dave Mauz
Francis Pratt
Emily May Rose
Oriah Scott
Liang Wang


Names and Places Print Expo

Join us on Saturday, April 29th for the Names and Places Print Expo! This market event will feature some of Toronto's coolest zinemakers, printmakers, small press and illustrators, and will coincide with our next show; Names and Places Vol. 3. Come by and grab some sweet printed wares for your wardrobe, walls, and bookshelves! 

Saturday, April 29th, 11am-6pm


Names and Places
Emily May Rose
Daily City Train
Pyramid Scheme
Billy Franklin
Robert John Paterson
Feels Zine
Jackie Lee
Christine Tebogt
Matthew Daley
Dave Sheppard
Ella Selbie

+ more TBA

Check the Call For Submissions page to apply to be a vendor!

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