Fix Up Look Sharp 2

Deadline: March 2nd, 2018, 11:59pm

Opening Reception: March 8th, 2018, 7pm

CALL FOR ARTISTS - Northern Contemporary is seeking artists and illustrators working in a range of mediums for a group exhibition running from March 8th-27th; Fix Up Look Sharp 2!

Fix Up Look Sharp 2 is our annual revamped thrift store art show! Artists take existing work found in various thrift stores and vintage shops and put their own creative spin on them, giving them new life. This may be done through painting over areas, adding characters, collaging over top, adding text, or whatever your desired process may be. Time to get thrifting and get creative!

Eligibility: This call for artists is open to all artists regardless of location, international submissions are welcome. Painting, drawing, mixed media, and sculpture are all acceptable mediums. Keep in mind that Northern Contemporary focuses on illustrative, representational, urban, lowbrow, comic, pop art, and experimental work. 


1. Attach clear photos of your revamped thrift store work to your submission email;

  • You may submit up to 10 pieces that fit the show’s theme. The gallery may select any number of your submissions to be included in the show.
  • There will be no restrictions to size or price range.
  • Please attach images to your submission email in JPEG format (smaller files are preferred, 72 dpi and 1000 pixels on the longest edge is ideal).
  • Please DO NOT submit google drive, dropbox links, or .zip files.

2. In the body of your email please include;

  • Artist bio
  • Website (and/or CV)
  • Image list with title, size, medium, and price. (Note that the gallery will take a 40% commission)

3. A $20 hanging fee will be required ONLY if you are are accepted. Details on how to pay this will be sent to you upon acceptance. (This is a one time fee, NOT per piece.)

  • Email submissions to [email protected] with the subject line “FIX UP LOOK SHARP 2” no later than March 2nd at 11:59pm. Please note that submissions that do not follow these directions may not be considered.

4. Non-local artists

  • Submit early to give yourself plenty of time to ship your work! Please note that it is the artist’s responsibility to cover all shipping costs, including return.

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