The Great 'Scape

Join us June 8th - 21st for The Great 'Scape, a solo exhibition by Michael Wills! This show will feature a selection of oil paintings that depict cityscapes with an amazing energy and style.

From the artist;

"When my two worlds of hockey and art collided I truly became an artist. My passion drives me not only to the net when I`m on the ice but also to spend sleepless nights in front of a blank canvas until it has been filled with energy, emotion and movement. I picked up a pencil and a hockey stick simultaneously at a very young age and have never put either down. In 2008 my preparation on the ice guided me to play with team Canada at the World Junior A Challenge in Camrose Alberta, where my team took home the bronze medal. I am currently at Oswego State doing my BFA studio practice. While pursuing my love of art though my expression on canvas. My art is an expression of my emotional energy and my hockey is an expression of my physical energy. My passion guides me through life and with paintbrushes and hockey sticks in hand I travel through my life documenting and experiencing."

All Day Breakfast

Join us July 6th - 18th for All Day Breakfast, an illustration group show!

What is your morning ritual? Whether you’re an early riser or constantly hitting snooze, eating a full breakfast or relying on copious amounts of coffee, everyone has their own routine. All Day Breakfast takes an illustrative approach to exploring these habits and how different artists like to start their day. 

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